Duct Cleaning with the Rotobrush System

CoolMax Heating & Air Conditioning uses the Rotobrush system to clean ductwork in Milledgeville homes.

Here’s a video below that explains the benefits of indoor air duct cleaning.  This video is from the equipment manufacturer – Rotobrush.

Benefits of Rotobrush System’s Duct Cleaning

  • Powerful Vacuum System that gets rid of the debris in the ductwork.
  • Heavy-Duty Brush System that is also gentle on flexible ductwork.
  • Reduce indoor contaminants
  • Help improve indoor air quality
  • Help prolong your HVAC system’s life

How Does the Rotobrush System Work:

While the brush spins inside the ductwork, it is loosens the debris stuck inside duct. As the brush scrubs the inside of the ductwork, the vacuum sucks up the loosened debris.  As a result of this process, your air ducts are clean.  The system disposes of the debris so it doesn’t circulate back into the ductwork or HVAC system.

Click here to find out what the US EPA guidelines are on Indoor Air Quality and Duct Cleaning

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